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My Book is Out!

A Naturalist’s Guide To The Fishes of Ohio is currently available for pre-order. It contains updated information of all fishes that are in Ohio waters. You can order it through the Ohio Biological Survey website.


Warmouth Sunfish - Lepomis gulosus

Price: $6.00 each

"Large mouth and Big Appetite! Enjoy hiding and camouflaging themselves to match their surroundings."

Current Size: 0.5 in

Maximum Size: 10 in

Ozark Longear Sunfish - Lepomis megalotis

Price: hatchlings $6.00 each

"Very colorful sunfish but are rather aggressive so best kept in groups of 6 or more or as a single fish with a group of smaller active fish."

Current Size:
hatchlings 0.5 - 0.75 in

Maximum Size: 6 - 8 in

Top: Male
Bottom: Female


Liberty Molly - Poecillia salvatoris

Price: $6.00 each

"This is a wild molly species naturally occurring in El Salvador in Central America. The females get significantly larger than the males reaching about 3-3.5” and the males are about 2-2.5 inches. The large adults display red coloration in the fins of both sexes and blue speckling on the sides but the colors are more intense on the males. We have had these for 2 summers now and have found they do very well in an outdoor water garden pond over the summer but they are not winter hardy. They grow very quickly in the warm outdoor conditions and gain a lot of color in the natural light. In aquariums they do best with some space as they are a very active fish. They also do a decent job at eating algae off of plants and other items in an aquarium as they are constantly grazing. Despite their larger size they do not seem to eat their young to much as long as there is some cover for the young to hide around initially when born, and it doesn’t take long for the young to be active and feeding with the parents. "

Current Size: .75 - 1 in

Maximum Size: 3.5 in

Top: Male
Bottom: Female


Southern Redbelly Dace - Chrosomus erythrogaster

Price: $5.00 each

"Good community stream fish that is very active. These tend to go in and out of color frequently when well cared for. They often color up and show off the bright red bellies in the morning and then it fades away mid day only to fire back up as light fades in the evening. They can also color up after being fed or after water changes. Also relatively easy to breed in captivity, ask for details if you want to give it a try. Feed well on flake and frozen foods and do best with some algae or plant matter supplemented in their diet. "

Current Size: 1 - 2 in

Maximum Size: 3.5 in

Top: Male
Bottom: Female

All Others

Northern Starhead Topminnow - Fundulus dispar

Price: $4.00 each

"One of the smaller Fundulus species that stays right on the surface. Good community fish that feeds on both flake food and small frozen foods."

Current Size: 0.5 in

Maximum Size: 2 - 2.5 in

Photo: Male

Shipping & Handling

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